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"Red Nose"

2010-12-20 17:24:12 by Bad-Atom

After hearing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" fifty thousand times on the radio at work, I decided to give the melody a spin and make my own variation. It's faster, catchier, and 23% more irritating! Happy Holidays! Enjoy, and comment!

Red Nose

"Red Nose"

New cartoon - "DINNER DATE"

2010-05-07 00:09:32 by Bad-Atom

After a long break from animating, my newest cartoon is finally here! It's a pretty strange concept - what happens when Nanny from "Muppet Babies", Dr. Claw from "Inspector Gadget" and Wilson from "Home Improvement" go out to dinner together? Check it out!

"Dinner Date"

New cartoon - "DINNER DATE"


2009-12-04 06:00:33 by Bad-Atom

I just posted my latest piece of music, "Reunited", which literally came to me in a dream. Give it a listen, comments are always welcome!


Charge of the Red Brigade

2009-06-17 21:32:14 by Bad-Atom

Hey all,

I'm starting to post some new music (finally!) after not being around here for a while.

Starting with Charge of the Red Brigade. I hope you enjoy it, and look for more coming soon!


At Long Last... a new song!

2008-08-03 09:16:59 by Bad-Atom

Hey hey!

I just finished a new song, "At Long Last". It's an appropriate title since the stupid thing took me forever to finish... :) Check it out right here! I'd love to hear everyone's feedback.



My latest song, "Lo and Behold", spent a week on the front page of NG. I got a bunch of great reviews and over 3,000 listens, which is really awesome. I hope everyone checked out the rest of my music while they were at it. And I suppose I should throw in this link while I'm at it...

My CD Store! Shameless Promotion!


Hey everybody,

I'm releasing my first two "Bad Atom" cartoons on Monday, March 24th, following with a brand-new cartoon EVERY WEEK! Watch for 'em here on Newgrounds first!

For the latest news and updates, and a bunch of other crap, visit

Want to check on my animating progress? Check out my Cartoon Preview Page!


My "Bad Atom" cartoons are coming on MONDAY!!!

Oh, I've only been waiting THIRTEEN YEARS to do "Bad Atom" comic strips are finally coming to the world of Flash animation! And they're coming right here to Newgrounds first!

Check out the first promo here!

Watch for more promos coming soon, and in the next few months, expect to see a bunch of short "Bad Atom" cartoons, some based on the comic strips and some brand-new stuff too!

Everything you ever wanted to know about "Bad Atom" can be found at my site, Comic strips, cartoons, games and a lot more!


Bad Atom is coming to Newgrounds!

Hey everybody!

It's been a year since my second cartoon, "Imaginary Friend", came out. This week last year, it was featured on the Front Page and won Daily 2nd. I am still amazed by the response that I got from this cartoon. I still get emails about it, and just recently it was featured at

Here it is if you haven't seen it already: "Imaginary Friend"

In honor of the first anniversary, I've added some special features on my site. There's a "making-of" section with my original notes, designs and storyboards, alternate music, background wallpapers, and a version of the cartoon with my audio commentary.

Thanks for watching!


"Imaginary Friend" First Anniversary!

Hey everybody!

If you haven't seen it already, check out my latest animation, "Michael's Stand-Up 5: Plagiarism!" featuring Dane Cook. If you like Dane Cook at all, you'll love this. Even if you don't like him, you'll like it for different reasons. And it's got blood and guts! There's also a crapload of hidden stuff to click on and find throughout the cartoon. Go watch it now!!!


Hey, Dane Cook fans!  Check this out...